Runner’s High

Today’s exercise routine included incline pushups (the legs are elevated on a chair while doing push-ups)–it’s a great way to isolate the chest muscles.  My goal was to do 25 pushups but when I got to 25 I decided to push and see how many I could do before collapsing on my head.  I was surprised that somewhere inside I had another 15 reps. It was interesting because I didn’t think I could do many more but somewhere around pushup #33 there was almost the feeling of a runner’s high kicking in.  It was tough, but man-oh-man did it feel exhilarating to complete 40!

How many times in life do I give up and quit before hitting my max? How many times do I give in to what my mind says I can do instead of going all out with maximum effort?  I wonder if there’s a point in life where you hit a “runner’s high” with doing hard things–a point where you push through fears, obstacles, and roadblocks and find you can do more than you ever imagined.  A point where instead of giving in you push yourself and break through low expectations. A point where you feel that joyful, rejuvenating high. You dig deep and see what you’re really made of knowing that the results will be worth the temporary discomfort.

Summer Splash: Apple-Celery Juice

Years back, I came across this drink at the juice bar of my local gym.  It was the reason I worked out. Seriously.  And on triple-digit summer days when it’s too hot to eat, this juice is perfect in place of a meal.  It’s tart. It’s refreshing. It’s loaded with electrolytes (thanks to the celery) and the fresh lemon adds a splash of raw vitamin C.


  • 3 granny smith apples (core and all)
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 1/2 of a lemon (a whole lemon if you want to up the pucker factor).

Voila!  That’s 12 oz. of natural summer energy.  If you prefer a sweeter juice, add a Gala apple.


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